If you’re a couple who posts AND tags your own photos please let me know

Since I get this message at least a couple of times a day I’ll let y’all in on a little secret. I don’t often watch videos on Tumblr because most of my blogging time is while I’m in the office. So when I do feel the itch to post a video and there isn’t anything worthwhile on my dashboard, all I do is go to and add whatever tag I want to see. For example, I only post couples so I go to or . If any of the thumbnails appeal to my tastes, I’ll load the video, pause my music for a few seconds and click through it to get an overview to be sure it’s not something I wouldn’t normally post. Of course, since I’ve been doing this for a couple of years, I’ve amassed a solid collection of my own which can be found at if you’d prefer to keep it local.

Pro Tip:
If you ONLY care about videos and don’t want to fuck with Tumblr’s all or nothing follow mechanic, you can add “/rss” to the end of the tag’s url (ex: ) then use a service like Feedly to subscribe to the RSS feed for that specific tag. This will work for ANY tag on ANY tumblr blog.

Have fun :)


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